This category will look at many different exercises used to help both rider and horse develop confidence, care and balance. We will look at exercises to improve rhythm; improve quality of the canter; improve the riders jumping position; specific training to improve turns to a fence; the use of cavalletti in the training of an event horse; learning to ride to 325mpm, 350mpm and 375mpm effectively; exercises to emphasise the importance of straightness; and looking at how a horse physically jumps and how we can help, not hinder, that procedure.

This exercise is a fantastic base exercise for all horses and riders. It develops suppleness, awareness of pattern, good footwork, […]

Whilst competing at an FEI competition you are able to use the training area (not the warm-up area) at different […]

Learning how to walk a show jumping course for your own horse is very important. Understanding how the designer is […]

Training a good jumping technique takes time and patience. Encouraging the horse to want to be naturally careful is the […]

Having the confidence to steer your horse through a turning line whilst jumping has to be brought in within the […]

Directional changes and landing on the correct lead. This clip demonstrates how the rider needs to sit very straight, maintain […]