In this category we will look at many different areas which will help you be safe, balanced and competitive. These include: tack and studs; warm up procedures; start box problems; riding to speed; training the young horse; different combinations and how to ride where you’ve walked.

Training to have balance whilst riding up and down slopes and jumping fences on a mound is an important part […]

After the xc it is really important that you care for the horse correctly. Getting the temperature down, removing studs, […]

As horses move through their career and gain experience jumping into water they gain more confidence if the training is […]

One of the biggest problems that the xc course designer will pose is a drop fence, especially into water with […]

Riding to a fence in a pattern which allows the horse to sight and read the fence is a key […]

Time penalties are an influential part of the competition and learning how to ride safely at speed by understanding the […]