This is a very valuable area of a horse and rider's training as it can be the important building blocks to the future success of a partnership. This training is often in a non threatening environment so everything happens slowly, with confidence, and then later can relate to competition. We will look at: training the narrow fence; training on gradients; training the young horse to be reactive and include reaction training for the rider; exercises to improve riding to a corner; exercises to develop feel riding through combination fences; looking at rider posture, stirrup length and lateral balance; using steps and narrow fences in a combination; the importance of straightness to the millimetre; how to ride a rhythm fence; building the confidence with angled fences; coaching the horse to be confident with high sided shoulder brushes; and lots more.

It is important that you teach the horse the skill of following the steering aids through a jump and having […]

Landing on a line which is turning, especially downhill or slightly blind for the horse is essential to put into […]

Jumping up and down steps takes a lot of balance and needs to be brought into the training fairly early […]

Teaching a horse to be confident to jump across an angle needs to be built up slowly and repeated regularly. […]

Training with narrow fences. Training a horse to take off and land in the corresponding spot is a crucial part […]

When you start water training it may be with a young horse or you may be experiencing it for the […]