Performance Mentoring Programme (PMP)

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Code of Conduct for Coaches & Riders

This code is a guide for good practice which will ensure integrity, equality and fair play for coaches, riders and horses. Everyone involved in the Performance Mentoring Programme has a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of behaviour at all times

• Uphold the principles of the Performance Mentoring Programme

• Coaches and Riders must be excellent role models, maintaining high standards of professionalism whilst promoting a positive image to equestrians and the wider public

• Coaches and Riders should prioritise the well-being, safety and protection of horses and riders, above improving performance and competition

• Coaches, whilst striving to achieve high standards of performance, should recognise that working with other specialists can help to find the best way forward

• Create a learning environment where everyone feels they can be themselves, maintain open communication and transparency

• Riders must react to success and failure with dignity and composure, treating their competitors with respect.

• Riders should act with self-control and tolerance when training/competing and always with the horse

• Welfare of the horse is paramount at all times

• Read and comply with all the relevant sporting policies, procedures and guidelines

• Ensure that the sport of Eventing is as safe as possible and free from any form of bullying, harassment or abuse

• Set a balance between working relationships and friendships with individuals

• Treat owners, parents, judges and officials with courtesy and respect

• Everyone who uses social media and the online space, must act responsibly, respectfully and constructively

• Confidentiality – ensure personal information is collected and stored under the guidance of the Date Protection Act 2018

• Always be inclusive and embrace an open minded attitude to equality and diversity

• Dress smartly and professionally at all times