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Access fabulous training insights month in, month out, from the best in the business, and enjoy plenty more subscriber benefits…

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Becoming a subscriber to the PMP Training Club will give you access to training advice from world class mentors, riders and members of the Coach Development Programme. New videos are uploaded weekly covering all aspects of the eventing world – training at your fingertips from the best in the business.

Videos are categorised and it is easy see what you have watched. If you wish, you can also qualify for a PMP certificate to reward your study and ambition to be the best rider you can be.

All proceeds of the Training Club go to support the PMP funds.


How does it work?

Benefits to subscribers of the PMP Training Club….

  • Weekly training videos and access to all videos
  • Regular webinars
  • Follow a young horse and a 5* horse through the season with a full programme of weekly video blogs
  • Behind the scenes at international events, course walking opportunities with top riders and coaches
  • Access training clinics and individual programmes with the riders on the PMP
  • Opportunity to access syndicating membership to horses training with the PMP riders
  • Opportunity to observe PMP riders training

New for 2024

Weekly video blogs to describe in detail the year of an event horse from different angles. Delve into the world of a young professional event rider and see what it takes to prepare a horse and rider for top level competition.

  • winter training programmes
  • pre competition fitness training
  • lead up to first competition of the season
  • pre season check lists
  • training and fitness leading up to Badminton
  • training and fitness leading up to a youth championship
  • Travelling a horse abroad
  • Trot up training
  • Bringing a horse back from injury to 5* level
  • Young horse classes, training and competition
  • Tapering work and roughing off
  • Rider fitness

And many other aspects of what is involved behind the scenes